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FMHS AWS DeepRacer 

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the world’s leading cloud services provider and started the AWS Deepracer competition in 2018 to promote Artificial Intelligence on AWS and provide a gateway into Cloud Services.

AWS DeepRacer is a cloud environment where developers of all skill levels can train AI models powered by machine learning. Each month, students will work in teams to harness AI tools on AWS to create intelligent autonomous racing models for real life race tracks and self-driving RC cars. 


However, the real fun begins when top models are entered into the AWS DeepRacer League, the world’s first global autonomous racing league. Students will compete against developers from all corners of the globe in monthly competitions to win prizes and top ranked teams will advance to the AWS DeepRacer Championship at AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas to compete for the DeepRace Cup, the ultimate prize in machine learning.


The 2021 - 2022 school year will be the first time FMHS will participate in AWS DeepRacer and will be split into two seasons.

  • The first season will run from September to December, optimal for FRC students.

  • The second season will run from March to May, optimal for FTC students.

Students may choose to participate in both seasons, and will get to form/join a team of 4-6 and participate in 3 monthly competitions each season.


AWS DeepRacer has been a virtual competition from the start and will continue to be virtual. Teams can choose to meet in-person in the robotics lab or participate from home.

All participants must be 14 years or older and while no python experience is necessary, it is highly recommended.

More information about AWS DeepRacer can be found here:

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