FMHS Technology Club Registration 2018-2019
Student Information

Every student will receive a t-shirt for each program in which they participate.

Parent/Guardian 1 Information

Employer Support - would your company be interested in providing any of the following to the club:

Parent/Guardian 2 Information

Employer Support - would your company be interested in providing any of the following to the club:


Base Registration (includes TSA and required for all Tech Club Members) $80.00

First Tech Challenge (FTC) $100.00

FIRST $100.00

Photography Release - Please select a reply from choices below.

As the parent or legal guardian for this child, do you give FMHS Technology Club permission to use your child's name, likeness, and image in any printed or electronic material for the purpose of documenting, reporting, and promoting FMHS Technology Club.

Liability Release - Please read and confirm.

By checking the box below, the undersigned person agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the FMHS Technology Club, as well as our directors, volunteers, participants, and all connected herewith, from all actions, causes of actions, suits and any claims, demands, and liabilities whatsoever, both in law and equity. The terms hereof shall be binding on any and all executors, heirs, administrators, and shall serve as an assumption of risk and general release for the above-named participant while participating in FMHS Technology Club events

I have read, acknowledged, understood, and consented to the previous statement.

All students are required to have at least one parent volunteer their time in some capacity during the school year (see list below).

I have read, understood, and accepted the volunteer requirement

Please choose any and all areas of interest:

By checking this box, I, as a parent or legal guardian of an FMHS student and a member of the FMHS Technology Club, acknowledge, understand, and agree to the following points:

1.       I will keep my student focused on learning – both on the team and in classes.

2.       I understand the time commitment that my student will be making.

3.       I understand that I will become an active member of the FMHS Technology Booster Club.

4.       I will provide timely transportation for my student to and from all team events.

5.       I will provide fundraising assistance.

6.       I will provide accurate medical information and keep FMHS updated in the occurrence of any changes.

7.       I will provide up to date contact information and update the FMHS Tech Booster Club in case of any changes, including phone numbers (home and cell) as well as email addresses.

8.       I will encourage and support the whole FMHS Technology Club.

I am not a robot

After clicking on the Submit button below, you will be taken to the FMHS Tech Club store where you will be able to pay dues by credit card for the programs in which you would like to participate and any extra t-shirts you may like to order. Reminder: All students will be provided a t-shirt for each program in which they participate.

All students must pay Base Registration (includes TSA) dues, so be sure and check it along with any other programs, t-shirts or donations you would like. Registration is not complete until payment has been received.

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