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We're high school kids. We design, build, compete and program robots. We are thankful to have the very best teachers, mentors and parents on our side. 
We are the future. Kids like us will soon help keep our country safe through cyber defense, financial infrastructure, artificial intelligence, renewable energy supply, atmospheric water harvesting, drone development and space travel. We will be among the first engineers and doctors to design human organs and push the frontier on individualized medical treatments.
So while we agree that athletics are important, we also firmly believe in the importance of robotics and STEM. With the help of our parents and community, our robotics team is Coach Slatton, a tireless teacher, who is quite simply always here for us. We compete year round through three separate organizations: Technology Student's Association, FIRST Technology Challenge, and FIRST Robotics Competition. The Flower Mound High School Robotics Team is a self funded program.


Tech Club

President :   Shrest Das

Vice President : Ethan Feng

VP Comm. : Trevor Dayal

VP Finance : Sahas Kumaraguru

Robotics: FTC

PresidentHarish Pravin

Vice PresidentPurva Patel

Secretary: Aneesh Depa

Robotics: FRC

CEO: Jack Risberg

CFO: Kayshav Rameshbabu

CMO: AJ Johnson

RM: Michael Kisver

Tech Student Assoc.

Maanya Govil

Adhithi Shankar

Club Photographer


AJ Johnson

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